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To keep your clients, you should urgently target 100% ESG research coverage of your portfolios

Most investors have a tail of holdings in their portfolios lacking ESG research or ESG risk scores. Depending on the asset class, this may represent up to 50% in the Nordics, but also a significant proportion in certain asset classes around the world. It is to a large extent about unlisted/private bond issuers, about microcaps and newly introduced companies. The global ESG research providers do not cover this segment today. This should be urgently addressed due to Fiduciary Duty. In this article we will help you understand why you should target a 100% ESG research coverage of your portfolios to keep your clients. We also suggest a solution to this.


Impact risk in ESG risk – Do you integrate this?

 The sustainAX team attended the Building Bridges in Geneva recently with target to improve our ESG research and ESG risk scoring. We figured out it was more valuable for us as Certified ESG Analysts to attend a Finance-Sustainability/Impact conference, despite our focus being risk, as this gave us a better understanding of the status and trends on the risk initiated by the impact companies have on the world around them (a part of double or dual materiality).


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ESG Research
Do you need more ESG* research for your portfolio holdings or do you need help with ESG* integration processes?

Corporate Social Responsibility
Would you like to improve your CSR report? Would you like an audit by an independent specialist?

ESG Transparency
Would you like to see that the companies you are introducing to the markets are sustainable? And that
they publish relevant ESG* information?

We are here to help you with sustainability

We help asset managers meet the sustainability expectations of their clients and other stakeholders through access to a large ESG* Research library and advice on ESG* Integration processes

We help companies meet the sustainability expectations of the investors, employees and other stakeholders through analysis of their sustainability communication and advice on improvement

We help investment banks ensure new companies are aligned with investors’ sustainability expectations through analysis of the companies and advice on communication

We have valuable experience in financial markets and asset management combined with a certified and multi-year relevant experience in the sustainability field

Deep and wide experience from financial markets and asset management since 1994, both from the Nordics and in Continental Europe and mainly with major investment banks

Our approach to ESG* research is based on current standards and quality is ensured through CESGA (EFFAS) certification although we recognise the standards are in motion

The combination of the two is leading to deeper understanding of how ESG* factors have impact on companies and also how companies have impact on them – double materiality

We regularly publish ESG* Insights

*Environmental, Social and Governance factors