Our Core #1

Fundamental ESG* risk research by Certified ESG* research analysts

Our Core #2

EU sustainable regulation implementation advisory and training

Our Core #3

Your own ESG research processes, materiality definitions and software solution (SaaS)

Do you make your own ESG research? As we are ESG research experts, we can help you setting up your own ESG research methodology and materiality matrix. Do you already have a methodology, but wish to upgrade it? We can help you!

What is NEW at sustainAX?

Now you can search on the companies we have ESG risk researched
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Search here the companies we have ESG risk researched. Soon we will indicate ranges for ESG, E, S and G risks and materiality weighting. Stay tuned!

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Solutions - What we offer

What are your  sustainability needs?

ESG Research
Do you need more ESG* research for your portfolio holdings or do you need help with ESG* integration processes?

Sustainability Reporting
Would you like to improve your sustainability strategy and reporting? Would you like an audit by an independent specialist?

ESG Transparency
Would you like to see that the companies you are introducing to the markets are transparent and
 publish relevant ESG* information?

We are here to help you with sustainability risks

We help asset managers meet the sustainability expectations of their clients and other stakeholders through access to a large ESG* Research library and advice on ESG* risk integration processes

We help companies meet the sustainability expectations of the investors, employees and other stakeholders through an ESG risk due diligence of the company and advice on improvement

We help investment banks ensure new companies are aligned with investors’ sustainability expectations through analysis of the companies and advice on communication

We have unique experience from financial markets and asset management combined with a certified and multi-year relevant experience in the sustainability risk field

Deep and wide experience from financial markets and asset management since 1994, both from the Nordics and in Continental Europe and mainly with major investment banks

Our approach to ESG* research is based on current standards and quality is ensured through CESGA (EFFAS) certification although we recognise the standards are in motion

The exceptional combination of the two is leading to deeper understanding of how ESG* factors have impact on companies and also how companies have impact on them – double materiality

We regularly publish ESG* Insights

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*Environmental, Social and Governance factors