Sustainability services for Investors and Asset Managers

The key is FIDUCIARY DUTY and as the broader market gets the full understanding of why ESG risk integration is required, many investors and asset managers will have to think differently and alter their internal processes.

The Due Diligence by clients on your processes with regards to ESG Integration and Sustainable Investments will increase both in terms of volume and quality. Be prepared!

How we can assist you and other asset managers

SRI  – Sustainable and Responsible Investing

We recommend you to do this for all actively managed strategies. And even for passive strategies many asset managers now do this.

But stricto sensu, you are not obliged to do so, but it is a competitive disadvantage for mainstream clients.

It may still pass today, but tomorrow it is not likely to pass anymore.

Yes, this is among specialists today considered part of your fiduciary duty as you with ESG integration ensure that you systematically integrate ESG risks in your investment decisions.

We can help you ensure that you are integrating ESG in your investment processes.

This will consist of mapping, gap analysis and advice on how to alter your investment processes.

We also audit investment processes with regards to ESG integration.


We can help you ensure that you are really engaging on ESG matters with the companies in your portfolios.

This will consist of mapping, gap analysis and advice on how to either implement or alter the current process.

We can also run your engagement process.

As there is a lot of Nordic smaller and private companies that are not covered by the global ESG data providers, we have a library of ESG research that can be accessed through a license.

Sustainability in general – here we’re meaning aspects relevant to Environmental, Social and Governance factors.

Be aware that Sustainable Investments is defined very narrowly bu the EU in the SFDR.

We can assist you when you wish to communicate on sustainability.

There is a lot happening on the regulatory side in the EU.

We keep an eye on what is going on and can be of assistance to guide you through the jungle that often see new requirements and deadlines.

This often leads to regulatory reporting requirements.

There are a lot of different SRI labels for funds.

Some are

  • Febelfin
  • Nordic Swan Ecolabel
  • Luxflag ESG label
  • etc.

These labels require an applications and updates and we can help you with this.