Our Corporate Social Responsibility Policy and Reporting

As a service and research company providing insights and advice based on human performance, we have a limited impact on the society outside the impacts from our services through our clients, but we can still do some things to ensure that our little contribution is good.

Being a service company helping companies and investors to become more sustainable we like to think that our contribution to sustainability is positive.

The following is updated per 30/6/2023.

SASB Materiality Reporting

The SASB Materiality Map for Professional and Commercial Services, where Consulting and Research services belong, highlights the following material Sustainability factors:

SASB – Data Security

    1. Description of approach of identifying and addressing data security risks, 
    2. Description of policies and practices for collection, usage and retention of customer data,
    3. Reporting of number of data breaches,
    4. Reporting of data breaches involving customer confidential business information, 
    5. Reporting of data breaches for personally identifiable information,
    6. Reporting of number of customers affected.

We store our data in the cloud with the world leading providers, but also have a local back up of our data. Most of our data is ESG research reports, client material and client data. The client data is stored only with the clients’ approval according to European regulation.

In terms of mitigating security risk, we have an active password renewal policy. All our computers, network disks and portable devices are protected with passwords.

We have had no breaches of data security per 30/6/2023.

 SASB – Employee Diversity, Engagement and Inclusion

    1. Reporting for percentage of gender and ethnic representation for executive management and employees
    2. Voluntary and involuntary turnover rate
    3. Employee engagement as a percentage

Only 4 full time employees. The gender split of the company is 50% female and 50% male. The nationality split is 75% Nordic, 50% Swedish, 25% Norwegian and 25% Italian.

Turnover rate is 0% since the creation of the company. The gender pay gap among full time employees is 0%.

Employee engagement is 100% as the 6 employees work in very close cooperation with quarterly feedback meetings.

Our code of conduct can be found here.

SASB – Business Ethics

    1. Description of how professional integrity is ensured,
    2.  Reporting of total losses occurred due to lack of professional integrity

Professional integrity is firstly assured through education, experience and certification. Cross checks by the 2 employees of work being done is additional professional integrity control function.

No losses due to lack of professional integrity per 30/6/2023.

ESG Policy reporting

In addition to the SASB defined material factors, we also have a policy based on the general ESG approach as we get questions on this as well. ESG analyst like to see these elements covered.


  • Our office landlord (Regus – IWG Group) is providing the electricity as an integrated service in our office rent. We are making inquiries to find out if they buy renewable electricity covered with Guarantees of Origin. The heating is provided through District Heating from the municipality of Malmö.
  • We avoid air travel when we can, and when we cannot avoid this, we buy carbon emission compensation. Up to one day travel with train if it is possible to work comfortably is accepted.
  • We only use printer when we have to and we use environmental friendly paper.
  • We have chosen Microsoft for our cloud solution. Microsoft is carbon neutral since 2012. Their reporting here.
  • What we think we are not able to do something about:
    1. When we buy electronic equipment like laptop computers or screens, we are not able to have a full view of the provenance of all special metals in the components,  is the extraction and refining value chain green?
    2. We use Macbooks and here is the Product Environmental Report. We have 4 MacBooks and one Lenovo desktop.
    3. We use Lenovo screens that are TCO edge Certified. More about TCO edge here. We have 6 Lenovo screens.


  • Being unionised in a company of 4 full time employees does maybe not make sense and we are not part of collective bargaining. Employees in the company are of course free to be organised. Due to the size and maturity of the company we do not yet have a whistle blower channel, but all issues can be discussed with the Chairperson of the Board.
  • We offer pension and insurance for our full time employees.
  • What we think we are not able to do something about:
    1. When we buy electronic equipment like laptop computers or screens, we are not able to have a full view of the social issues in the supply chain, are human rights respected and local communities well taken into account in the production value chain?


  • There are 2 BOD (Board of Directors) members, of which 1 woman and 1 man. There are 3 BOD supplants, of which 2 women and 1 man. The age range is from 18 to 52 among the 5. The Chairperson is male.
  • There is no CEO and the employees in the company have the same salary for the same type of job and with no variable salary. As the daily management of the company is assured by the Chairperson of the Board, the alignment between the BOD setting the strategy and the management executing it is perfect.
  • The BOD members BIOs are here, where you can find the experience and background to judge their skillset and relevance as BOD members for this company.
  • Due to the small size of the company there is no separate remuneration committee or audit committee, but these functions are dealt with directly by the BOD.