Specialised ESG research methodology and process system ESGzonEX SaaS

“A SaaS made for a professional ESG research team also available for you!”

What is this?
We are building our own web based ESG research system that we will also make available for external clients. This makes it possible to leave the Excel trivialities and move to a professional tool specially made for ESG research that is fully tailorable to your needs. You can either set it up yourself or we can help you. If we help you, there is an option available to review and bring the maximum value from your ESG research process.
  • Company register based on issuers, with instrument lists and characteristics including your own identifiers. Manual entry and list uploads.
  • Portfolio functionality, both for views and uploads.
  • A research process flow with a tailored framework for information storage and scoring.
  • ESG research pdf report creation
  • ESG score detail page (and other scores like Net Zero)
  • API for system connections
  • Multiple users
  • Multiple research process flows
  • And much more

Our web based ESG research system will soon be available for clients that wish to do their own ESG research.

The system can be tailored to fit your current methodology and process. We can also assist you in improving your methodology to maximise the solidity of your approach.

We at sustainAX will start to use the web based system from April 2024 when we launch the new research season based on 2023 information.

We plan to make the system available for clients during summer 2024. Meanwhile we will ensure the quality by deep testing with the sustainAX production for some months.

We have started the project work to integrate AI in the ESG research process and this functionality will of course be available for clients.

Reach out to us if you are interested in beta testing our system. We already have institutional investors helping us with beta testing.