Sustainability services for Issuers/Companies

Your direct counterparts will be interested in how you deal with all stakeholders. Why? Because they wish to see you as a long term stable partner that takes all risk and opportunity aspects into account.

The demand on your CSR reporting stemming from your financing sources will increase a lot in volume and in quality. This is partly driven by EU Sustainable Finance regulation.

How we can assist you and other companies

Do we really need this? Even in a small company?

Well, even if you are not obliged by regulation (this is the case for European companies with 500 employees or more according to NFRD), your bank, your shareholders, your clients and your current and future employees do care about this.

Actually already today companies are looking more and more into their supply chain where there can be a lot of smaller companies that have to have a CSR or RBC Policy and a Sustainability report.

CSR/RBC policy

CSR – Corporate Social Responsibility
RBC – Responsible Business Conduct

We can help you develop this Policy tailored to your company’s type of activity.

We’ll meet and discuss, work with annual reports and websites to ensure we understand well your business and who your stakeholders are.

Thereafter we will develop the Policy with you.

Sustainability reporting

Sustainability – here we’re meaning Environmental, Social and Governance factors.

We will help you construct your sustainability report that you can choose to include in your annual report, but also maybe publish on your website.

Sustainability communication

Sustainability – here we’re meaning Environmental, Social and Governance factors.

We can assist you when you wish to communicate on sustainability. How you express yourself in this area will often make your counterparts understand how much you are up to speed.


When you consider buying an asset or another company we can help to do a sustainability assessment.