ESG risk integration courses and training

As specialists in ESG risk research and EU Sustainable Finance, sustainAX has trained many portfolio managers in the last years on ESG risk integration. Both equity and fixed income portfolio managers have been trained. 

Combining experience from capital markets, asset management, EU sustainable finance and ESG research, sustainAX can offer a training while speaking the language of the participants and understanding their challenges.

Most portfolio managers will benefit from this kind of training as it will help them see and understand larger spectre of ESG risks and to be able to integrate the ESG risks they have translated to financial metrics into their investment cases and investment decisions.

The ESG Risk Integration Teach-In series sessions:

Section 1 – Framework, terms and ESG risk

Section 2 – How ESG risk research is conducted, including materiality

Section 3 – ESG risk integration – Theoretical and practical

Section 4 – ESG risk integration and Engagement Processes

SFDR article 6 is about Sustainability/ESG risk integration and the EU commission consider that ESG risk integration in investment processes is mandatory. So does Fiduciary Duty.

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Some example pages with graphics from our study material: