Testimonials and References from some of our clients

"sustainAX provides us valuable advice on EU Sustainable Finance regulation, particularly on the practical implementation for products and services. Their knowledge of everchanging EU regulation and market practice gives an edge that is very hard to come by today and that reduces the risks of misleading product claims. sustainAX’ advice also extends into the internal processes that are required to ensure compliance with EU regulation and that will make reporting easier."
"Thanks to the unique fundamental ESG research of sustainAX, we have an understanding of ESG risks for all holdings in our funds. sustainAX is solving the problem of lacking ESG research coverage in the credit space, particularly for private credit issuers, both Investment Grade and High Yield."
«sustainAX has been of great help with the implementation of the EU sustainable finance regulations, both SFDR Level 1 and the RTS, and has supported Alfred Berg in getting ESG risk integration processes up and running. I would like to add that sustainAX has impressed us at Alfred Berg with the detailed knowledge of the EU regulations and the knowledge sharing approach for encouraging a proper integration of the regulation in the investment processes, in marketing and in reporting. Finally, I have appreciated the energy level, the friendliness and the can-do attitude in guiding all the involved parties at Alfred Berg in these processes.»
"Thanks to the sustainAX Teach-In series on ESG risk integration, our portfolio managers and analysts have worked specifically on increasing their theoretical and practical understanding of ESG risk integration. The case study work based on ESG research reports was particularly helpful. This has been a valuable input to ensure that the ESG risk integration process is relevant and alive."
"SustainAX has been a great discussion partner on a wide range of ESG topics and has provided valuable input to our processes and reporting as we navigate the quickly developing ESG regulatory landscape."
"Thanks to sustainAX, we have close to 100% ESG risk research coverage of our High Yield Credit portfolio. This is a good starting point for us to integrate ESG risks in our investment decisions."
"Focusing on the Nordic High Yield market with many unlisted smaller issuers, sustainAX is a vital partner to our ESG screening, risk integration, and engagement processes. sustainAX provides positive energy and has helped us reach the next step in understanding ESG risks and opportunities."
"We are grateful for the feedback from our clients and of course, all our clients are welcome here, contact us if you would like to give a testimonial!"
Dag A.D. Messelt
Certified ESG Analyst - sustainAX