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Nordic ESG Research Report – Norwegian Hydroelectric Power companies

If you invest in Nordic Investment Grade bonds, either directly or indirectly through funds or you are simply interested in renewable energy or the Nordics, this is for you and maybe even for your clients.

Did you know that Norway has close to 50% of the hydroelectric reservoirs in Europe?

We have completed ESG research on the following 11 Norwegian Hydroelectric Power companies; Agder Energi ASAkershus EnergiBKKEidsiva EnergiGlitre EnergiHafslund EcoHaugaland Kraft ASHelgeland Kraft ASLyseStatkraft and TrønderEnergi
Some are doing better than others on sustainability and this is detailed in the individual reports that include indications on ESG integration, status on mandatory Principal Adverse Impact info from the company and an Engagement questionary for each of them.

We also have produced a summary report that can give you a good understanding of the sector from a sustainability angle and that includes some of our findings from the 11 company ESG research reports.

This report is public and can be found here after a simple email verification.

If you are interested in the 11 individual company ESG research reports, contact us at sustainAX.