Pelagia Holding – ESG risk research and ESG rating

We at sustainAX have ESG risk researched and ESG risk rated Pelagia Holding and our clients can access the reseach on their Bloomberg terminals.

Pelagia Holding is in the materiality based sector of FOOD, BEVERAGE & TOBACCO.

About the company:

Pelagia Holding AS (Pelagia) is a group that produces consumer products from pelagic fish as well as fish meal, protein concentrate and oil from both pelagic fish, white fish and salmon. In addition, the group produces dietary supplements and pharmaceutical intermediates based on concentrated marine Omega-3. With its overall activity, the group is a key international player in the special pelagic sector with production facilities in the North Atlantic. Most of the products are exported. Pelagia's head office is in Bergen. The group has divided its operations into three segments, Pelagia Food, Pelagia Feed and Pelagia Health. Pelagia Food buys in pelagic fish from the fishing fleet and produces and packages consumer products mainly for export. Pelagia Feed produces fish meal, fish oil and protein concentrates. Pelagia Health produces concentrates of Omega-3 fatty acids for human consumption through health food products or as ingredients for pharmaceutical products. Production takes place through the company Epax Norway AS and the brand Epax and has its production facility in Ålesund.

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