OBOS Banken – ESG risk research and ESG rating

We at sustainAX have ESG risk researched and ESG risk rated OBOS Banken and our clients can access the reseach on their Bloomberg terminals.

OBOS Banken is in the materiality based sector of FINANCE.

About the company:

The OBOS bank was established in 2013 and is a nationwide digital bank. The objective is to be the leading bank for financing OBOS homes and housing companies. This happens through a simple bank offer that makes the bank preferred as the main bank for members and housing associations. This is how the bank contributes to fulfilling the OBOS Group's vision; to build the society of the future and fulfill housing dreams. - The bank only offers loan products related to property. This means that industries such as mining, coal and oil are outside the bank's business area. At the same time, property accounts for a large proportion of global emissions, and the bank wants to contribute to reducing emissions through its operations. - The merger with OBOS Finans Holding AS was registered in the business register on 15 August 2022.

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