Fana Sparebank – ESG risk research and ESG rating

We at sustainAX have ESG risk researched and ESG risk rated Fana Sparebank and our clients can access the reseach on their Bloomberg terminals.

Fana Sparebank is in the materiality based sector of FINANCE.

About the company:

Fana Sparebank is an independent savings bank with long traditions and head office in Nesttun in Bergen. In addition, the bank has branch offices in Bergen city center and Os city center in Bjørnafjorden municipality. The group consists of Fana Sparebank, Fana Sparebank Eiendom and Fana Sparebank Boligkreditt, and the brands Himla Banktjenester and Himla Eiendomsmegling. The group is an active contributor to the financial city of Bergen, through participation in the establishment of Brage Finans and Norne Securities.

Are you interested in the ESG research and ESG rating?

If you are interested in the ESG risk research and ESG risk rating of Fana Sparebank, contact us at sustainAX

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