Fairwind – ESG risk research and ESG rating

We at sustainAX have ESG risk researched and ESG risk rated Fairwind and our clients can access the reseach on their Bloomberg terminals.

Fairwind is in the materiality based sector of CAPITAL GOODS.

Other name(s):Force Bidco

What the company say about themselves:

The business model of FairWind focuses on providing supply and outsourcing opportunities for OEMs and other industry customers. We take on the responsibility of installing and delivering maintenance work to wind farms, reducing the customers’ risk, and eliminating the need for them to handle execution and major tasks, such as manpower planning, training, and project execution. FairWind primarily serves the largest OEM manufacturers in the wind industry, but we also have the capability to support developers and end customers.

Are you interested in the ESG research and ESG rating?

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