Altera Shuttle Tankers – ESG risk research and ESG rating

We at sustainAX have ESG risk researched and ESG risk rated Altera Shuttle Tankers and our clients can access the reseach on their Bloomberg terminals.

Altera Shuttle Tankers is in the materiality based sector of TRANSPORTATION.

Other name(s):Altera Infrastructure. Teekway Shuttle Tankers.

About the company:

Altera Shuttle Tankers is an international midstream services provider of marine transportation to the offshore oil industry, focused on the ownership and operation of shuttle tankers in the North Sea, Brazil and the East Coast of Canada together with expanding its operations in the shuttle tanker business. Shuttle tankers are often described as “floating pipelines” because these vessels typically shuttle oil from offshore installations to onshore facilities in much the same way a pipeline would transport oil along the ocean floor.

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